ARPS Panel

This is my successful panel submitted to the Royal Photographic Society for their ARPS qualification

The immense entrance to Nanjing railway station in China has a soaring roof held up by monumental columns that resemble pixelated lotus flowers. My hasty photos hardly did justice to the impact that the architecture had on me at the time but when I later casually viewed an image inverted, a very different world came to view with uncertain scale and reality. This started my idea for a panel which aims to present unsettling images which cannot be taken at face value leading the viewer to examine what could be architecture in more detail and perhaps appreciate the line, form, textures and artistry in building styles and construction. Each is a montage of no more than two images which is plausible in composition and lighting but somehow disorientating. All images are quite faithful to the subjects but are subverted by the viewing angle and juxtaposition of the background. The intention is to draw the eye to the conventional distant view but to then tempt and challenge the viewer to connect this with the foreground and put both in an understandable and familiar whole, resolving, perhaps, the unease with a sense of satisfaction. I hope that in the process, the viewer sees and appreciates more in the architecture than a casual glance would afford and maybe even smiles as an image resolves into the familiar.

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